Contamination (1980)

Buona sera, folks! My name’s Adam and welcome to Day 3 of my 31 Days Of Horror. 

I don’t know how much you know about Italian cinema, particularly in the horror genre around the 70s and 80s, but God Lord. If you were lucky enough to make a successful film, nine times out of ten you’ll wake up the next morning and find your franchise on bricks. They stole EVERYTHING.

Contamination is a 1980 horror sci-fi, written and directed by Luigi Cozzi. Initially written as an unofficial sequel to Ridley Scott’s Alien, Contamination’s low budget forced the story to begin in contemporary New York, where the NYPD have been summoned to investigate a seemingly abandoned ocean freighter. 

One of the officers, Lieutenant Tony Aris leads an investigation team onto the ship, where they find the bodies of the crew torn up and, as one of them points out, exploded from the inside. They discover the ship’s cargo is a vast amount of large green eggs. When one is disturbed, it explodes, covering the officers in green goo before they promptly explode from the inside. 

Tony, the only survivor, is picked up by Colonel Stella Holmes of the Department of Defense who leads an investigation on the eggs. They discover a link to a recent mission to Mars, and recruit one of the astronauts, Commander Hubbard, to uncover the truth. The investigation takes them to Columbia, where they begin to unravel the mystery – and the source of the mysterious alien eggs.

Now, you can see the Alien influence a mile off, but what I didn’t expect was everything to go all James Bond by the end. In fact, Contamination even begins to meander into classic Doctor Who territory. It’s cheap, it’s badly dubbed, it’s a little flaccid, but hell, Contamination was a pretty fun watch. The effects are mostly great and you can never go wrong with a soundtrack from Goblin.

Anyway, better shoot off, I’m feeling a bit-


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