A Quiet Place (2018)

Your father will protect you. You know what, I’ve noticed something. I try and watch a pretty broad spectrum of films where I can, I like to keep an open […]

Pumpkinhead (1988)

God is the only thing that can stop what’s out there, Kim. Of all the films in my 31 Days Of Horror this year, Pumpkinhead (1988) is possibly the one […]

Colossal (2016)

Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema screening? I haven’t. I mean, I’ve tried. Just last weekend, having been lured outside of the house with the promise of a […]

It Follows (2014)

Maybe it will never come back… As you may well have gathered over the past fortnight, I pretty much love the horror genre. If I didn’t, you can pretty much […]

Monster In The Closet (1986)

Even The Most Highly Developed Nuclear Flowerpots Could Not Stop It It was only a matter of time before we got to this. To be quite honest with you, I […]