Ash Vs Evil Dead S3E1 “Family”

Hello and welcome to Day 24 of my 31 Days Of Horror, and this is a bit of a melancholy one. See, this is a show I have absolutely adored since it came out. It’s probably my favourite television series of the last few years and – it’s gone. No more. This. This is the last season that will ever be made with our hero. This is Ash Vs Evil Dead season 3.

A quick recap. Ash Vs Evil Dead is the sequel to the Evil Dead series, in which Ash Williams, played by the indomitable Bruce Campbell, has chosen to ignore his supposed position as the Chosen One, destined to wipe out all evil, vowing instead to live out his days in a trailer park, getting drunk and high and picking up cheap women. And then things went a bit – insane.

Having been forced back into the fight, we’ve seen Ash slaughter deadites by the bushel. We’ve seen splatstick galore and the pace has barely let up from episode one. As we come to the first episode of season 3, evil has, or the moment, been quelled. Ash has set up a hardware store in his home town, called Ashy Slashy, where he promises to use his chainsaw to slash prices all the way to the bottom.

But the peace doesn’t last long. The dreaded Necronomicon Ex Mortis is recovered by an innocent bystander, who takes it to a televised antiques roadshow, where the expert promptly reads aloud from the book – summoning the forces of evil once more from the shadows.

Quick on its heels is Ruby, played by Lucy Lawless, an ancient evil force who reclaims the Necronomicon for her own sinister agenda. Ash, meanwhile, is confronted by a former flame, who tells him that his daughter is in trouble. Stunned by the news he has a daughter, Ash rushes to the high school to save the day – and things quickly spiral out of control.

I really can’t express how incredible this series is. I will say that there were some problems behind the scenes towards the end of season 2, and there was a decline in quality – something that persists in this early part of season 3. The pace has fallen a bit, and some of the better scenes feel a little like rehashes of former glory. 

But, whatever. Ash Vs Evil Dead is still the best thing any fan of the Evil Dead series could have asked for – and every moment on screen is a bonus that no one deserved. I’m very excited to keep watching this season, and I urge anyone remotely interested in horror to pick up a copy for yourselves and just revel in it. Who knows how long these will be available, so grab them now while you can.

I’m going to watch the rest of this immediately so, uh, see you tomorrow. 


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