Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go To College (1991)

Hello! I can’t believe we’re on Day 18 already. Honestly, these 31 Days of Horror are flying by. Although I am starting to wonder what it would be like to sleep again.

Oh well, whatever! Let’s crack on with the utterly ridiculous Ghoulies Go To College.

Two years ago, I picked up Ghoulies for my first 31 Days Of Horror and I went in expecting a dumb Gremlins rip off, complete with silly puppets, dumb gags and a bit of ridiculous gore. Unfortunately, it was mostly just terrible. Fast forward to the third Ghoulies film, Ghoulies Go To College and OH BOY, how things have changed!

Directed by John Carl Buechler, who had previously worked on Friday the 13th Part VII and the incredible From Beyond, Ghoulies Goes To College opens on your standard comedy college campus. Full of every type of stereotype: pranksters, babes, nerds, the works. Here, a Ghoulies comic book is found in a frat house and finds its way to Professor Ragnar, played by Kevin McCarthy, who uses the book to summon the forces of evil – the Ghoulies – to do his bidding.

Now, the creatures have always been puppets. They have always been a vague human-shape, a vague cat-shape and a vague rat-shape. They have always been forces of evil, albeit in a vicious prankster sort of way. What this film introduces is the fact they can talk – and boy do they talk. From giggling sprites of evil, the Ghoulies have become a group of snarky Three Stooges-meets-Who Framed Roger Rabbit minions, and I love ‘em.

Following Ragnar’s commands, the Ghoulies begin to wreck havoc on the college campus, with their actions blamed on the warring pair of fraternity houses – with poor old Skip Carter getting the blame for their actions. Facing expulsion, Skip sets out to discover what is actually going on – and it doesn’t take long before he finds out.

Ghoulies Go To College is the film I always expected Ghoulies to be. It’s dumb, it’s ridiculous, it’s.. kinda sexy. But the important thing is, it’s funny. From the quips and comments from the creatures themselves, to the everyday comedy of a college campus romp. The campus cop is a particular favourite.

Even the puppets look great on this one – well, maybe that’s an overstatement – but they do look and sound good! I had a whale of a time with this one – so if you fancy a dumb puppet horror-comedy, which also features topless pillow fights and grown men being flushed down toilets, well, look no further.

See you tomorrow!


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