Camp Death III in 2D! (2018)

Hello! I’m Adam and welcome to Day 19 of my 31 Days Of Horror, and tonight, I bring you a very special entry into my selection. You’ll be shocked to note that it isn’t set in the 80s, or feature a soundtrack by an Italian prog-rock band. No, this film isn’t even out. This is Camp Death III in 2D!

Written, produced, directed.. edited.. effects.. Camp Death III was made almost entirely by Canadian filmmaker Matt Frame, and is currently on the international film festival circuit. And mate. It’s a doozy!

The film is a very loose parody of Friday The 13th Part III, where Todd Boogjumper, along with his long time crush Rachel, is trying his best to breathe life back into his Uncle Mel’s summer camp – Camp Crystal Meph – by inviting a group of mentally ill patients from a nearby hospital to stay for the weekend. In the group, we have an Australian nymphomaniac, an invertebrate ball of energy, a spiteful punk – and – all the rest. Essentially, we’re treated to a big old barrel full of fleshy cannon fodder, just like Mrs Voorhees used to make.

After much fooling around, we eventually come to meet Johann Van Damme – the sinister masked man that has been stalking the campers for most of the film. With an array of completely stupid and increasingly ridiculous methods of killing people, Johann manages to pick off each camper until only the core few remain. The final confrontation comes in the final 20 minutes, when things really start to heat up and logic and sense is thrown out of the window where it belongs as we come to one hell of a climax.

If I had one complaint about Camp Death III, it would be that most of the film seems to be made up of disconnected comedy scenes – some funnier than others – rather than one long parody. It’s not that this is a problem, but if the joke doesn’t work, it just feels like a drag. If I had two complaints, I’d say there was an over-reliance on video effects over practical, but that might be a personal preference.

THAT SAID, I absolutely loved Camp Death III. It is as ridiculous as it is stupid, and the whole vibe had a real Wet Hot American Summer level of anarchy to it. A couple of highlights include the vicious psychopath’s song of lament, and the Cop’s nonchalant driving style. OH and Uncle Mel! Repellant, angry and bigoted, Mel is without a doubt the worst character of the bunch – and I couldn’t get enough! Every time he was on screen, I knew I had a guaranteed laugh coming, regardless of whether it was punching a squirrel, shouting his catchphrase or generally being an angry jerk.

Matt Frame essentially worked on his own for this production – and I am in full support of this. I can imagine having an absolute blast on this shoot, and am really very jealous of everyone involved. Matt, if you do Part 4, gimme a shout!

Everyone else, I’ll see you tomorrow!


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